about [ə bout′]
[ME aboute(n) < OE onbūtan, around < on, ON + be, BY + ūtan, outside < ūt, OUT: all senses develop from the sense of “around”]
1. on every side; all around [look about]
2. here and there; in all directions [travel about]
3. in circumference; around the outside [ten miles about]
4. near [standing somewhere about]
5. in the opposite direction; to a reversed position [turn it about]
6. in succession or rotation [play fairturn and turn about]
7. nearly; approximately [about four years old]
8. Informal all but; almost [about ready]
1. astir; on the move [he is up and about again]
2. in the vicinity; prevalent [typhoid is about]
a) ready; likely immediately: followed by an infinitive [I was about to speak]
b) willing or inclined: used with not and an infinitive [I'm not about to exercise regularly]: Used only in the predicate
1. around; on all sides of
2. here and there in; everywhere in [rambling about the town]
3. near to in time or space [born about 1960, keeping my keys about me]
4. concerned with; attending to [go about your business]
5. on the subject of; concerning [a book about ships]
6. in connection with; pertaining to [the most interesting thing about her]
be what something is all about
Informal to be the true purpose of or reason for something

English World dictionary. . 2014.